How to get involved

We really want you to participate because we know everyone’s contribution will make a difference. Here are a few steps you can take right now to help.

Watch and share Vote With Us videos

Spend a few minutes watching the videos that we’ve published so far in the archive. Find a video that really means something to you, or might mean something to your friends or family, and then share that video through your Facebook or Twitter profile, etc. You can share your favourite videos by clicking on the icons beneath each video screenshot.

Using the hashtag #VoteWithUs is an excellent way to increase visibility of the campaign as well as to help others find your contributions and comments.

As well as our archived videos, we also have a short introduction video about the campaign. It will really help if you share this video too. It explains how simple it is to get involved in the campaign, and helps direct people to find reasons to encourage them to vote yes on the 22nd of May.

Make your own video

This is the most important action we can ask you to take, if you’ve decided to vote yes. Your reason for voting yes may be the very one that resonates with someone else, so why not tell your friends and family (and co-workers, and team mates, and more) why you’re voting yes? Your video could reach out to convince many people, including some you’ve never met, to vote with us.

We have tips on how to make your video, as well as pointers on how to upload your video if you use your smartphone or if you use your computer to do so. Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to let us know when your video is ready!

Help others to add their voices too

Do you know a group of friends or colleagues that would like to make videos too? Take a few minutes, now, to email them and suggest that you’d like to hold a ‘Video Day’. This is a bigger commitment than just filming your own video, but it makes an even bigger impact.

We’ll also try to continue to host events where people can come along to a central comfortable location and make a video with our help, as we did to collect the video we launched with. Naturally, we need your support to do so and so we hope you’ll consider visiting our donate page and contributing to those events.

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Stay in touch

Lastly, make sure you keep up with the campaign as it develops. The easiest way to do that it to join our email list. You can also connect with us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for regular updates there.