Tens of thousands of Irish families are happier today, and for a simple reason: On 22nd May 2015, our friends and neighbours voted with us to let us know that they see us all as equals.

Today we can say that the commitment that all true Republics strive for – equality for all before the law – has been significantly advanced and that our country is more perfect as a result.

Our campaign was one part of an unparalleled mobilisation of everyday Irish people to work together to make our society a fairer and more equal one. This legacy of civic engagement will continue to benefit us all as a nation and Ireland’s example can be held up as a beacon for the rest of the world to see that a country can cherish all its children equally.

“As long we might live, the days will be scarce indeed when we feel as proud, as joyful, and as alight with love as we did hearing those results – but because of the votes of our fellow citizens, some of those days can be our wedding days.”

Today we thank especially those hundreds of brave and eloquent people who took part in this campaign. Their voices, amplified by all who shared their videos, reached many many thousands of voters, and sparked conversations all over Ireland that helped bring about this historic change.

Your powerful words offered a much needed counterpoint to elements of negativity in this campaign that questioned the legitimacy and value of LGBT relationships every day. Many opinions were expressed during this debate, and Ireland has now shown that we are a broad church, capable of putting aside our fears, and putting faith in each other instead.

Your contributions made us smile, and cry, and think, and vote. You led this campaign and you can rightly claim to be part of this positive and generation-defining change in Ireland.

On behalf of all involved with #VoteWithUs, thank you – most profoundly – for extending the respect, protection and dignity of marriage to all our relationships. Thank you for a prouder, happier future.
Eoin, Dónal & Ewan

Eoin Wilson, Dónal Mulligan, Ewan Kelly; VoteWithUs.org