Vote with us is an online video campaign which will help voters find and share compelling reasons to support equal marriage in Ireland.

We believe that sharing hopeful, honest, and personal perspectives is the best way to engage Irish voters in the run up to the referendum on marriage equality being held on Friday, May 22nd.

Our hope is to provide voters with many more reasons to vote in favour of equal marriage, and that each video we feature will offer another unique reason to vote in favour of this change.

As well as inviting you to watch these videos, we’d also like you to contribute your own, and give your own reason to vote positively at the coming referendum. Our campaign aims to encourage all those who support equal marriage to share their reasons for this support in an honest, forthright and encouraging way.

The #VoteWithUs videos feature heartfelt personal messages about the myriad of positive differences, big and small, that a yes vote will make in the lives of the contributors and those they love. These are messages of hope and encouragement from all of us who want to share why we support equal marriage, and ask you to vote with us.

Over the course of the next few months, we hope to assemble a comprehensive archive of compelling personal perspectives on the issue which undecided voters can browse.

Very often, issues that relate to equal marriage can be misrepresented, or can get mixed up in other, unrelated topics. We hope our videos will show voters what equal marriage is really about: respecting and protecting families and relationships.

It’s about equality. And it’s about cherishing all the children of the Republic, not just most of them. We believe the best way to do this is to allow people, in their own words, to make the collective case in favour. We think it’s a powerful and compelling one.

A simple campaign to add to and share…

Vote With Us was started by three friends from Dublin, who wanted to create a format and platform where people can share why they’re voting yes and ask others to do the same. We’ve started this campaign, and we’ll continue to support it and share your videos, but it’s yours to add to.

We’re voting yes for equal marriage on May 22nd. We hope you’ll Vote With Us.

On the site, you’ll find help and advice to assist you in making your own video, which you can let us know when it’s ready. Take action today to help insure a strong yes vote in this historic referendum by making a video and spreading the word.