Eve Kerton

Eve Kerton is from Clonmel, South Tipperary. She’s currently the Welfare Officer in DCU and, as she says herself “striving for equality empowers me to do my job to the best of my ability”. For her, seeing the marriage equality referendum passed while she’ still in office will be the biggest highlight of her time in that position. “It pains me to see …

Conor Walsh

Conor Walsh is from Coolock in Dublin. He is a third level student at Dublin City University. “In the past twenty years Ireland has taken huge steps in accepting gay and trans people into our lives. I think it’s time [now] that we take that big leap into the future, the only way we can do that is by voting yes.”

Cellena Connolly Monihan

Cellena is a third level student from Sligo studying in DCU.  “I think marriage equality is pivotal for Ireland. Today if you were to fall in love with someone, no matter how much you love them you won’t be able to get married if they’re of the same gender… We need to change this.”

Cáit Ní Cheallacháin

Cáit is a third level student from Cork studing in DCU. “I’m voting yes because I think my best friend deserves a wedding, and I want to be maid of honour at it.”

Benji Foley

Benji Foley is a 19 year old queer transgender student in DCU. Benji is asking people to vote yes to give people like him the freedom to love and live out their lives as they truly are without being forced to choose between love and identity. He is asking people to vote yes so that he can live his life …

Aoife & Claire

Aoife and Claire are both full time students at Dublin City University, and members of the University Media Production Society. “We believe everybody deserves the right to get married. We want to help make this a possibility. Share the love!”

Andrew Ralph

Andrew Ralph, 19, is a first year student of Journalism in DCU. He is also involved with the DCU branch of Young Fine Gael, and is a sub-editor for the College View. “The people who died in the Easter Rising wanted a country based on equality, fraternity, liberty and democracy. Do you really want to live in a society where people …

Caoimhe Harris

Caoimhe Harris is a university student from Dublin presently studying at DCU. “Everyone has the right to choose who they want to love unconditionally for the rest of their lives.”

Heather Rainey

Heather Rainey is a second year Communications Studies student in DCU. “What’s the difference between two guys getting married, two girls getting married, or a guy and a girl getting married? It makes no difference and how is anyone’s life worse because of it?”

Jack O’Flaherty

Jack O’Flaherty is a third level student in Dublin City University and a member of the DCU Media Production Society. ‘I’m voting yes because equality is simple: vote yes.’