Sean Cassidy

Sean Cassidy is a third level student at Dublin City University. “I believe in fairness. I want an Ireland where everyone is treated equal. Where my gay friend, my straight friends, are equal.”  

Adam Mynes

Adam is a third level student from Dublin, currently studying at DCU. “As a gay person I don’t feel comfortable walking down O’Connell street with my boyfriend, hand in hand. A yes vote on May 22nd won’t solve all problems overnight, but I feel it will be a major step forward for the people of Ireland.”

Fionnuala Jones

Fionnuala Jones is a third level student from Cork studying in DCU. She believes that love should not be classified as a luxury – it’s all encompassing and unconditional. Fionnuala strongly believes our legislation should reflect that. “I want to see my best friend as content within himself and with the man he loves as I will be maybe someday.”

Stephanie Byrne

Stephanie Byrne is a third level student in Dublin City University, originally from Co. Tipperary. “I think too many people take marriage for granted and forget that for some people it isn’t an option.”

Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan is a 21 year old multimedia student in Dublin City University. I want my friends, my family, my kids and my grandkids to love who they want to love, and not let it be dictated by any laws or by anyone else.

Gillian McInerney

Gillian is the current Chair of DCU LGBTA. She points out that marriage has evolved many times in the past- we no longer consider it a transaction between a father and a husband where a wife is property. Today it’s about love and choice. “Marriage is not the property of one organisation, one group of people. Marriage is for everybody. …

Darragh Browne

Darragh is the current treasurer for DCU LGBTA. He believes that people deserve to accepted regardless of their sexual orientation, and hopes that this referendum will improve the lives of young LGBT people in the years to come. “What you may not realise is that you have a lot of power in your hands. By voting for marriage equality, you’ll …

Anne Ní Mhuineach

Anne is a third level student in Dublin City University. She hopes someday to be able to marry the woman she loves. “I am really lucky to be in love with a beautiful lady, and I hope that maybe someday, if things go great, I can marry her. It would be nice if that was in Ireland, and not in …

Sara, Lesleyanne & Niamh

Sara, Lesleyanne and Niamh are three DCU students from Dublin, Navan and Louth respectively. They’ll be voting yes in May because they are passionate about equality, inclusion and human rights. They believe everyone should have the right to love and be loved regardless of age, gender or sexuality. “Personal happiness should not be a decision that others make. So be …

James Mac Inerney

James is a second year multimedia student at DCU, from Abbeyleix, Co.Laois. He is an only child to two great parents and considers himself an open minded person. He has many gay, straight, and bi friends and supports them – and a yes vote – completely. “If loving another man or woman, no matter what sex you may be, is …