Maggie Collins

Maggie Collins is originally from Cork, but now lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her partner Shauna, who herself is from Canada. Maggie and Shauna met and fell in love three years ago, know they want to spend their lives together, and their thoughts are now turning to where they want to live, and where’s best to raise a family. “I …

Gráinne Walsh

Gráinne Walsh, from Kildare, lives and works in London and so won’t be able to vote. She knows that the changes that a yes vote could bring would make the lives of her friends and family at home in Ireland better and so asks you to vote with them for equal marriage. “I can’t vote, but I really want you and …

Ed Davitt

Ed Davitt is a 34 year old Irish man living in Brussels. He can’t vote in May, but as a gay man he’d like to be able to come home someday to settle down with a family. “I’m looking forward to moving home eventually. I’d like to set up a family and hopefully one day get married.”

Andrew Murphy

Andrew Murphy (28), from Galway, lives abroad with his partner and hopes to return someday. Equal marriage for him represents a life-changing possibility. For Andrew, the fact that his sisters can marry and he can’t “doesn’t sound fair, and it’s not fair.” “Why should Irish law distinguish between couples in a way that the average Irish family no longer does?