Sinead Costello

Sinead Costello, from Keshcarrigan in Leitrim, is the Branch Secretary of the Sligo Branch of IMPACT Trade Union and took part in their video day. “I have a number of friends who are gay and I would love to see them get married and I would love to have their marriage recognised by the state”

Joe O’Connor

Joe O’Connor, from Kilmore in Co. Roscommon, is an Organiser with IMPACT Trade Union and took part in their video day. “Passing this referendum isn’t, as some people would make it out to be, some kind of a leap into the dark. It would be a majestic jump towards fairness, equality ad equal rights for young people and LGBTQ citizens …

Helena Clarke

Helena Clarke, from Claremorris in Co. Mayo, is a Communications Executive from IMPACT Trade Union and took part in their video day. “[My husband and my son] are the main reasons I’ll be voting yes for marriage equality on May 22nd because the idea that other people are prevented from having a marriage and building a life with the person …

Jerry King

Jerry King, from Straide in Mayo, is President of IMPACT Trade Union and took part in their video day. “I think this is about equal rights – it’s about human rights – and it’s the right thing to do.”

Anne Rigney

Anne Rigney, a mother from Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommon, talks about why she is voting Yes in the upcoming referendum. She wants her son, Daragh, and his partner, Lior, to have the same rights as her daughter, Cara. She has written a short piece asking other parents to imagine being in a situation like hers and the result is a reflective …

Michelle & Patrick

Michelle Dundass & Patrick McLoughlin are old friends from Galway, both now living in London, who came together for the first time in several years to show their support for the same-sex marriage referendum. Both Michelle & Patrick say they would be more likely to move home if their right to marry was recognised, like it is in England. “Being …

Julie D’Lima

Galwegian Julie D’Lima lives in London but hopes to someday move home, get married and raise a family. She believes that a yes vote on May 22nd will send out a positive message that Ireland is a place that accepts the diversity of the world we live in, a place where discrimination is not accepted. “Something that’s really important to …

Colm McGowan

Colm McGowan is a young man from Galway City who wants to remind us to register to vote and then vote yes for an equal society in May. “I hope we vote for marriage equality because I believe in a more equal society and I hope that this is one step on the way.”

Cellena Connolly Monihan

Cellena is a third level student from Sligo studying in DCU.  “I think marriage equality is pivotal for Ireland. Today if you were to fall in love with someone, no matter how much you love them you won’t be able to get married if they’re of the same gender… We need to change this.”

Gerard Lovett & Friends

Gerard Lovett is a publican from Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan. His idea was an inspired one – he asked as many of his straight friends as possible to feature in his video. He knows this referendum won’t pass unless yes voters ask their friends and family to join with them and vote yes too. “We’re going to need all our straight …